Monday, February 25, 2008

Blogging is hard!

I thought I could do it. I thought I could keep up with the daily pressures of blogging, and I thought I was going to come out on top. Turns out I'm no better than the rest of you.

My excuse: I take most of my pictures with a film camera, and for the digital ones I don't have software on my computer to upload them with. The digital ones are coming at you slowly but soon, so just keep in mind that the payoff is gonna be really good. Until then, I'll throw in a few pictures of Bonnie's.

We've started our second class now, which is Reformation History. The professor is a pastor from Texas, and a really nice guy. It's an overwhelming subject for me to learn in two weeks, since I haven't had any background in RH yet, but I'm trying to soak it in like a champ.

Last weekend a group of us went to Prague for a few days. The streets of Czech Republic bear a sharp contrast from spic-n-span Germany (well, Bavaria anyway) and was a challenge for some to get used to litter on the sidewalks and graffiti on the walls - but after I convinced them to get over it, we had a good time. I couldn't help being weirded out by all the marionettes, though. Seriously, what is it with Europeans and weird dolls? Anyway, Prague was great (also bitterly cold/snowing). We hit up the castle/cathedral area, the Lennon wall, the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, and of course Bohemia Bagel.

In other news, weather in Germany is really warming up. Yesterday was in the 60s and we celebrated after church by going to a nearby village called Kallmunz and hiked up to some 800-year-old castle ruins on a hill overlooking the countryside. I'll try to scrounge up some pictures of that, too.

Next weekend, you ask? Italy. No big deal. Bonnie, Mitch, Jeff and I are taking a night train on Thursday evening and will apparently end up in Rome by Friday morning. It's magic! Roman magic.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Swiss Cheese and Ricola

Mostly, I want to live in Switzerland.

Jeff, Mitchell, Bonnie and I decided to take advantage of our four day weekend by climbing aboard trains to Switzerland. With visions of ski slopes and Swiss army knives dancing in our heads, we spent the first half of Friday en route to Zurich. We were greeted upon arrival with beautiful weather and the shimmering Limmat river, around which the city was built. After wandering the streets of Zurich, the idea was to set up camp in Interlaaken , a small town a few hours away sandwiched in the lower Alps, and go from there. We didn't end up going skiing while in Switzerland, but we did take a series of trains and gondolas up into the Alps, and I almost pooped my pants in excitement. I can honestly say it was one of the greatest days of my life. At the top of Maennlichen there was live music - Jamaican-esque Elton John covers to be exact - and of course skiers everywhere. We bought Swiss cheese and baguettes to eat at the top, and were each given a free piece of Ricola by the accommodating staff at the final gondola. I spent the better part of two hours turning in circles, trying to take it all in. We were on top of the world.

Blood oranges?

Call me crazy, but I've never seen this before. A few weeks ago, Bonnie and I were eating oranges and cut open the peel to find this - much to our dismay. Blood oranges? Really? They taste the same except just really sour and tart. Still not sure how I feel about them. I guess red is the new orange. Literally.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Mother Load

Weekend before last we went to Dresden, a city that was demolished in East Germany. Here are some pictures from the scenic drive on the Autobahn.

This is my absolute favorite part about living in Amberg: Cruising around town on this beauty.Jeff and Mitch
The Vils river that runs through Amberg's Old Town.

Doors. You know.Apple pancakes/waffles in NurembergFarmers market in the town square in Nuremberg

View from the clock tower we climbed. There was definitely some Neo Nazi party rallying going on in the square.
This is the Glockenspiel at the Munich city square. We got there before 5pm to see the clock in action on the hour, and even climbed up into a different clock tower to see the view from up there. Well, it never happened. It was a great view of the city though... (how do I get this to stop writing hyperlink-style?)Shadow shot against the city wall of Amberg. Two members of my 'posse', if you will, Jeffrey and Mitchell.
Bonnie and I found a book store that looks like the Fox Books Superstore in You've Got Mail. They have fun chairs, too.
Table spread from my favorite restaurant in Amberg, the Schloderer Brau

Monday, February 11, 2008

To my family:

Hi! Check in here for updates on my existence in other countries. Love you/Miss you all.